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Wood is a valuable commodity ; it is a sustainable material which has the added benefit of being almost totally recyclable. When dealing carefully with this raw material, a balance between consumption and growth can be found. At Callens we firmly believe that sustainable forestry management in Africa can ensure constant new growth of trees, guaranteeing sufficient supply and stock at all times. This is to the benefit of both our customers as the local population. Callens puts a lot of effort in working on a sustainable basis and therefore we only import timber from legal and reliable sources. We also require
from our suppliers to work in line with the principles of sustainable forestry management and in strict compliance with EUTR/FLEGT regulations. Wherever possible, we provide timber that is FSC certificated.

Callens is a strong supporter of the continued implementation of EUTR/FLEGT regulations and the extension of due diligence – systems that work against unauthorised logging and illegal trading in timber.